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Shanghai Vithy Filter System Co., Ltd.

Add: No. 69, Linchang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

Tel: +86.21.58999972; +86.21.58999895; +86 15821373166 (WhatsApp/WeChat) 

Fax: +86.21.58999717

Email: sales@vithyfilter.com; export02@vithyfilter.com

Website: www.toceffect.com

www.vithyfiltration.com; vithyfilter.en.alibaba.com

24h Pre-sales/After-sales Service Telephone: +86.15801983997

  • product name:VAS-O Mechanical Self-Cleaning External Scraper Filter

  • Machine code:1621415493

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Product Details:

Patent Number: ZL 2019 2 1843071.2

VITHY? VAS-O series External Scraper Filter automatically removes particulate impurities on the outer surface of the filter element, in an effective way of mechanical scraping. The scraper is made of stainless steel, which is close to the filter screen and removes the impurities outside the filter screen.

When the impurities accumulate to a certain extent, the automatic drain valve opens and the impurities are discharged from the bottom sewage outlet. The filter is suitable for high impurity content and continuous uninterrupted production conditions, for it 1) can realize continuous in-line filtration and 2) particulate impurities recovery, 3) generates no filter consumables, and 4) does not need frequent manual cleaning.


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