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Shanghai Vithy Filter System Co., Ltd.

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Product Details:

VIR-GS strong magnetic iron removers (hereinafter referred to as iron removers) are used for removing iron pollutants (such as rust and chippings) and other tiny ferromagnetic impurities to effectively improve the product purity on the production line and protect key parts from being damaged by iron particles. Magnets, magnetic circuits and their layout are optimized by means of three-dimensional finite element analysis. The whole filters are made of stainless steel. Core magnets are NdFeB ultra-strong permanent magnets produced with the latest technology. The surface is of the highest quality in the world, with the peak magnetic field intensity more than 12,000 gauss. Magnets and connectors are continuously welded with stainless steel. Covers can be of quick-opening or clean clamp type.

VIR-GS strong magnetic iron removers are widely applied in the food, metal processing, metal processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, ceramic, paper making and other industries to production problems. The outstanding performance and long service life are recognized at home and abroad. If you have high requirements for the quality and performance, VG iron removers are the best choice.


Applicable Industry and Fluid
■ Applicable industry: food & beverage, metal processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramic, paper making, etc.

■ Applicable liquid: liquid containing traces of iron particles.
Main separation effects: capture of iron particles.
Separation type: magnetic capture.


Technical Advantages 

Pulp flows around the high-gradient magnetic field formed by the magnetic array to ensure full contact and multiple captures and improve iron removing effects.

Two peak options of magnetic field intensity of the surface: 6,000 gauss and 12,000 gauss

Small magnetic attenuation, long service life, and only 1% attenuation after 10-year operation.

No energy consumption or moving part, and low operating costs.

Special quick-opening cover, easy to operate and maintain.

Made of high-quality 304/316L stainless steel with outstanding corrosion resistance.


Main Technical Parameters
 Diameter: DN25-DN600
 Peak magnetic field intensity (Gauss): 12,000
 Applicable temperature (℃): <60, customize high temperature type
 Casing material: 304, 316L
 Design pressure (MPa): 0.6, 1.0


Product Structure and Application 


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