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Shanghai Vithy Filter System Co., Ltd.

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Product Details:

In VSTF basket filters, support meshes and filter bags are changed into filter baskets based on bag filters. The common accuracy is 1-8,000um. VSTF basket filters can be repeatedly used after cleaning, reducing the operating costs. They can be used for filtering large particle impurities and protecting key parts such as pumps, nozzles, heat exchangers and valves to significantly prolong their service life, improve operational benefits and avoid high system downtime risks. Metal composite screens and baskets, perforated meshes and wedge mesh baskets with high durability and reliability can be applied in VSTF filters.


VSTF-Y filters are Y-shaped, with one end for water flow and one end for precipitation of waste and impurities. Generally, they are installed at the inlet end of the pressure reducing valve, relief valve, level valve, etc., and used for removing impurities in water to protect normal operation of valves and devices. Water to be treated flows through the inlet, and impurities in water are deposited on stainless steel screens. VSTF-Y filters can be repeatedly used after cleaning.


In VSTF-T basket filters (hereinafter referred to as T-type basket filters), metal baskets are used as filter elements. The common accuracy is 1-8,000um. VSTF-T basket filters can be repeatedly used after cleaning, reducing the operating costs. Metal sintered composite meshes, wedge meshes and perforated meshes with high durability and reliability can be applied in VSTF-T basket filters.


Applicable Industry and Fluid
■ Applicable industry: petrochemical, fine chemical, water treatment, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, paper making, automobile, etc.

■ Applicable liquid: wide applicability to all kinds of liquid containing trace impurities.

Main filtration effects: removal of large particles, liquid purification and protection of key parts.

Filtration type: large particle filtration, recyclable filter materials and manual cleaning on a regular basis.


Main Technical Parameters

Optional filter baskets: metal composite screens and baskets, perforated baskets and wedge mesh baskets 

Optional accuracy (um): 1-8,000
Number of filer baskets of single filter: 1-24
Filtering area (m2) of single filters: 0.01-30
Casing material: 304, 316L and CS
Applicable viscosity (cp): 1-30,000
Design pressure (MPa): 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5,4.0-10


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