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Shanghai Vithy Filter System Co., Ltd.

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Product Details:

For VMF-L series modular backwash filters, an automatic filtration system is formed with multiple standard filter elements based on the modular design. When liquid passes through the filter elements, particle impurities are intercepted on the outer surfaces of the filter elements and accumulated into a filter cake, and the spacing between the inlets and outlets of filter elements increases gradually. When the differential pressure reaches the preset value, that is, the filter cake thickness reaches a certain value, the flow rate of liquid through filter elements decreases gradually, and backwashing is enabled by the controller to backwash the inside of filter elements and remove impurities on the surface (it is allowed to use external water for backwashing).

This system has a large safety factor. Online elements can be added flexibly according to the flow requirements. VMF-L filters can run automatically, free from manual cleaning. They have high scalability and can be connected with external high-pressure backwash liquid. They can work under low differential pressure. With high-precision wedge mesh filter elements, backwashing can be performed thoroughly, and the liquid consumption for backwash can be reduced. When the filter elements need to be cleaned manually in filtration of thick impurities, these filters can be easily started for maintenance. MF filters can purify fluid and protect key parts of pipes. In addition, valuable solid particles in the discharged liquid can be recycled due to backwash. MF filters are applicable to low-viscosity liquid, such as raw water, clean water, sealing water, sewage, gasoline, heavy coke gasoline, diesel, residual oil, etc.


Applicable Industry and Fluid
■ Applicable industry: paper making, petrochemical, water treatment, etc.

■ Applicable liquid: raw water, process water, clean water, ultra clean water, circulating cooling water, water spray and point injection water in the water treatment industry; and diesel, gasoline, naphtha, FCC slurry, AGO, CGO, VGO, etc. in the petrochemical industry.


Technical Characteristics and Advantages

■ Only one filter element is required as the spare part of the whole system, and the stop risk and investment are small.

■ Offline maintenance of each filter element can be performed without interruption of filtration.

■ Filter elements can be easily removed and cleaned. The filters are the best choice to filter heavy impurities and perform manual cleaning on a regular basis.

■ Backwashing can be completed by valve switching. No complex mechanical structure is used, and the filters can be maintained easily.

■ Filtration can be performed continuously during backwashing, thus reducing downtime costs.

■ The modular combination can be extended easily. The filter flow can be increased by adding filter elements.

■ The wedge mesh type filter elements can be cleaned thoroughly and have solid and durable structure and long service life.

■ When backwashed with external fluid, VMF-L filters can be installed in front of the pump or in places with low inlet pressure.

■ The modular combination of high-quality pneumatic ball valves and high-reliability instrumentation and control system are applied.


Main Technical Parameters

■ Main model: VMF-L3/L4/L5-L100

■ Maximum flow: 0-1,000m3/h

■ Filtering area (cm2): 0.1-100m2

■ Application viscosity: <50cps

■ Impurity content: <300ppm

■ Minimum inlet pressure: >0.3MPa

■ Installation location: after the pump

■ Filtration accuracy: 30-5,000um

■ Standard design pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa, 6.0MPa and 10MPa

■ Maximum design temperature: 0-250℃

■ Number of filter elements: 3-100  

■ Size of backwash valve of filter element: DN50 (2"), DN65 (2-1/2"), etc.

■ Backwash pressure difference: 70KPa-130KPa

■ Alarm pressure difference: 200KPa

■ Inlet/outlet side of header pipe: DN50-DN1000

■ Inlet/outlet connection standard of header pipe: HG20592-2009 (standard, compatible with DIN) and HG20615-2009 (compatible with ANSI B16.5)

■ Filter element type and material: wedge net, 304/316L

■ Casing collector material: 304/316L

■ Casing seal material: NBR/VITON

■ Fluid control valve: pneumatic ball valve, PTFE valve seat

■ Utilities: 220V AC, 0.4-0.6MPa clean and dry compressed air

■ Control system: Siemens PLC, working voltage of 220V

■ Differential pressure indicator: differential pressure switch or differential pressure transmitter 

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